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Bushido the Way of Men is a point and click mix with JRP-gameplay in the feudal era of Japan in the 17th century.

Overview of the game
You play as a Ronin, you have neither privileges, nor social class, you will have to evolve in a world where each action can affect how people are looking at you. As the last member of your clan, you are searching the people who get involved in the murder of your Daimyo (Japanese feudal lords).

Player Role
The player will be able to perform all kinds of quests and render services to different characters which he will encounter during his journey. His action must allow the hero to get money, and information.
The money will be used to invest in his equipment while the information to advance in his quest.
The player will be free to choose his path (diplomatic or force) to achieve his goals.


  • A game system based on the status of Ronin.

-----> The different NPC of the game react (in quests or conversations) to your social status.

  • A point and click mix with JRPG gameplay

-----> a conversation system with multiple choices.

-----> A battle system turn inspired from samurai fighting techniques.

  • A realistic world

------> Exploration of feudal Japan and discovery cities such as Edo, Kyoto ...

------> Adult topics (poverty, war, crime ...)

website : https://www.bushido-the-way-of-men.com/

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