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Bushido the Way of Men is a point and click mix with JRP-gameplay in the feudal era of Japan in the 17th century.


Oishi Matabei is the last survivor of the Chōsokabe clan, left for dead, he took refuge in a small village in Kyushu Island (Saikaido, Satsuma province) in southern Japan. 

His desire is to join his daimyo (lord) in death but he wants to find his murderer first. It is a very difficult task : find a job to survive, get some money, then, interrogate, intimidate or bribe the right people to gather information on those responsible for the destruction of the clan, at last, remained anonymous. 

Era of the game 

We are in 1603 during the Edo period (1603-1868), a few years after the battle of Sekigahara (1600) which marked the seizure of power of Tokugawa Leyasu, thus becoming the most powerful military leader of Japan. He established a new capital in Edo (Tokyo) and consolidated the supremacy of his shogunate (government). 

His reign brought a development of culture as well as a period of peace. However, in order to control the caste of warriors, he enacted new laws. 

Samurai were no longer allowed to change of masters, to marry out of their clan, or to have occupations outside the clan without the consent of their former master. As a result, the samurai who lost his lord or fief had no choice but to become a rōnin. 

These drastic measures increased the number of rōnins. Having no status, they were excluded from the Japanese hierarchical feudal system. In fact, even if some chose more humble professions, becoming farmers or Buddhist priests, others turned to a mercenary career, bodyguard and even cutthroats. 


Oishi Matabei was a samurai belonging to the Chōsokabe clan. 
Despised by his peers, he is trying hard to find a place in this society which rejected him. 
His desire for vengeance is giving him the strength to survive.


• A game system based on the status of rōnin. 
-----> The different NPC of the game react (in quests or conversations) to your social status. 

• A point and click mix with JRPG gameplay 
-----> A conversation system with multiple choices. 
-----> A battle system turn inspired from samurai fighting techniques. 

• A realistic world 
------> Exploration of feudal Japan and discovery of cities such as Edo, Kyoto... 
------> Adult topics (poverty, war, crime ...) 

• No FedEx quest 
------> Each quest (main quest and side quests) are unique, well written and related to the historical context. Inspiration comes from the chambara- sword fight movies and real events such as the history of 47 rōnin. 

• An illustrated encyclopaedia 
------> An encyclopaedia who allows the player to learn more about the era of the game, the Japanese culture including weapons, armours, religion, foods and so on. 


Alexandre Tourne (Founder/Developer/Sound Designer) 
Alexandre has studied video game for 3 years in a professional school (Lisaa, based in Paris) where he learnt the basic skills of game design, sound design, programming…After spending few years in the video game industry as a 3D graphic and music composer, He contacted Jean (an old friend met 15 years ago in art school in Paris nearby the Louvre museum) and proposed him to create their own company…Trimarkesia Studio. 

Jean-Michel Brisset (Co-founder/Illustrator) 
Jean, specialised in drawing and illustration, spent 4 years in a professional school called Pivaut based in Nantes. For the last few years he has worked on various projects such as role-plays on board, children’s books and the video game industry. 

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